December, 2012

Episode 40: Sacred Plants of Winter Solstice

December 13, 2012 podcaster Circle Craft Study Podcasts


Join host Selena Fox to learn about the folklore and ritual uses of oak, mistletoe, holly, ivy, pine, fir, birch, apples, wheat, frankincense, bayberry, and other plants connected with Yuletide. Discover old and new ways to deck the halls with evergreen trees, wreaths, garlands, kissing balls, pomanders,and other creations on this episode of the Circle […]



Episode 39: Crafting Yuletide Celebrations

December 6, 2012 podcaster Circle Craft Study Podcasts


Get ideas for creating a series of festive observances of the Winter Solstice holidays time with the Circle Craft Study podcast. Join host Selena Fox as she explores ways to incorporate ancient and contemporary customs, symbols, and rites into personal, household, and community celebrations. This podcast was originally broadcast Dec. 4, 2012 on at the […]



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